Friday, December 23, 2011

Physics Club Minutes 12/6

Minutes from the 12/6 meeting, thanks to Natalie!

We were without pizza for a good half hour! The horror! Good thing we were saved by our faithful leaders and pizza-retrievers, Palm and Andrew "The Situation" Kim.

Is almost ready. Dr. Vogel quickly traced MC Hammer so that we can put his silhouette on the back. Dr. Vogel is extremely good at tracing; clearly she has passed kindergarten. She and Ahmed are going to order them hopefully this coming week, probably from University Tees. Ahmed's partial to the charcoal grey color, and nobody else seems to have an opinion on it, so that's what it'll be.
We bought 25 of the duckie ones and there's still 15 left, but these are more awesome, as it happens whenever you involve parachute pants with anything.
Our marketing plan?
Although the shirts are funny, it's hard to judge how many people would buy them. We never did come up with how many to buy.

Next week (week 5) we're selling ducks, baked goods and Nathan Smith's hot cocoa in the atrium and probably the library at night.
M:Palm/Natalie 11:15-12:45 Stuart/Peter 6-8
T Ethan/Kim 12:30-2:30, Sven 2:30-3
W:Palm/Natalie 11:15-12:45 Stuart/Peter 6-8
Th: Kim/Nathan 11-12, Ethan/Kim 12:15-2:30

Our Christmas party will be on the 13th. We're makin' liquid nitrogen ice cream and watching Dr. Who and generally engaging in festivities.

Santa's Workshop & Toys for Tots
We donate gifts to the youth center so that kids can buy their parents gifts with the small amount of money they have.
We could try to give the kids physics-related toys.

In other news, Ahmed was 9 minutes late and the voice of God spoke to us from the other room about the wonders of Netflix.

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Augie Physics said...

Ended up making the shirts navy with yellow (Augie colors)
Fundraiser included new T-shirts and awesome robot charms as well.
Party involved more than enough ice cream and Dr. Who Christmas Carol